How To Use Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Work

How To Use Noise Cancelling Earbuds For Work

As it has always been known, one man's noise is another man's music. However, no matter your taste, surrounding noise is the enemy. New equipment has been invented to optimize your listening experience.  Noise canceling earbuds for work are the best-made invention for the modern workaholic.

For music lovers, many forms of surrounding sounds can interfere with the sounds coming through their headphones. Fortunately, noise-canceling headphones are designed to provide a solution and ensure a more enjoyable listening experience.


Everyone is familiar with the annoying loud hum of the jet engine throughout the journey while traveling. Luckily, the invention of noise-cancellation technology has enabled weary travelers to relax and rest their ears and eyes on long flights. Also, daily commuters can use this new technology to tune out the noisy backgrounds.

noise canceling headphones on airplane

Despite all these benefits, noise-cancellation misconceptions have arisen. Some expect complete silence while using this device, whether aboard a noisy train or working at a construction site.

Noise-canceling headphone does not eliminate high-frequency sounds, like a jackhammer or screaming baby.  These headphones don't interfere with daily work activities as they block out only low-frequency sounds.

Types Of Noise-canceling Earbuds

Noise-canceling headphones come in two ways active or passive types. In general, any headphone can provide some passive noise reduction because the headphones contain materials that block out some sound waves, especially those that are transmitted at low frequencies.

Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

Active noise canceling headphones contain a tiny microphone that observes external sounds. They analyze the background noise then the noise-canceling circuit system takes note of the frequency and produces a sound to cancel out the noise. This destructive interference enables you to stay focused on the sound you want to concentrate on.

Noise Canceling Earbuds

Active noise-canceling headphones block ambient noise to about 70 percent, and this effectively enables you to hear your music better at a decreased volume. Primarily, the headphones produce an opposite sound wave, which cancels that of the outside noise.

Initially designed for airplane travel, active noise-canceling headphones are more effective at reducing blur noise, like the whir of a jet engine, and other lower frequency sounds. It's most common to find noise-canceling headphones in the style of on-ear or over-the-ear, but there are also some in-ear models available.

Passive Noise-Cancellation Earbuds

Passive noise-cancellation headphones do not use any electronic sound reduction technology, and hence they do not isolate lower frequency sound. They work just like wearing earmuffs or placing your palms on your ears reduces the ability to hear. The materials used to make the headphones themselves block out sound waves. 

Passive noise-cancellation can lessen some high-frequency sound, though; it will only be muffled depending on the layers of the material in the ear-cups. It works by creating a good seal around your ears and the headphone.

The passive noise cancellation earphone is the option to use if you plan to concentrate on your work while at the same time keep a check on your surrounding environment. Noise-cancelling headphones specify the amount of noise they can decrease in decibels. They are used by workers who work at noisy firms or students seeking to concentrate on distracting concurrent activities.

Bose Noise Canceling Passive

One disadvantage of passive noise-canceling headphones is that the thick noise-absorbing material can make them more substantial than standard headphones. However, there are some types, which are lighter than headphones that go over your ears, and still, give off a high level of passive noise cancellation

In summary, noise-canceling earplugs for work are most successful at reducing low-frequency ambient noises, such as construction and travel interference. With so much background noise encompassing us, it's become challenging to maximize the music-listening experience while dealing with the environmental hustles of our everyday lives.

This has escalated the need for a pair of noise-canceling earphones which has become a necessity for the modern day audiophile.

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