Why Are Noise Cancelling Earbuds A Great Sleeping Aid?

Why Are Noise Cancelling Earbuds A Great Sleeping Aid?

The primary ingredient for a good night's sleep is utter peace amongst other factors such as a dark and tranquil room. But you can't sleep in a dark room surrounded by loud noises now can you?

As much you want to sleep completely uninterrupted and slip into a beautiful realm of dreams and fantasies after a long of work – it doesn't quite pan out that way. And this can be a problem.

There are so many types of sounds that can knock you back into the real world, causing you to wake up in the middle of the night angry and frustrated. Traffic noises, cars honking and whizzing by, trains, airplanes, buses, racing engine, etc. are all enemies of a good night's sleep.

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Plus, there may also be some children crying or couples arguing on the floor above (if you live in an apartment) that can rob you of your sleep. Wouldn't it just be lovely if you could have something that could mute everything and help you sleep like a baby?

Well, fortunately for you, there is, and it is known as a noise-canceling earpiece. These types of headphones are specifically designed to cancel out all ambient and external noises, helping you to sleep soundly and without compromising on your circadian rhythms.

There are has been so much scientific research conducted on how sound can destroy your sleep pattern and different other types of sounds that can help you sleep. Noise canceling headphones are designed to help promote the types of sounds that can help your brain slip out of a conscious state and into the subconscious state every single night.

How Do Noise Elimination Headphones Affect Sleep

Before we get into how these headphones can help you sleep you have to understand that noise cancellation headphones are designed to function as noise isolation devices as well. Here is how:

Noise Cancelling Devices

Noise elimination devices help cancel sound waves coming from the outside by generating sound waves from within, via a digital signal processor. This feature helps create a solid sound barrier – consistently manipulating different ambient noises and sounds, replacing them with utter silence. You will not hear someone saying anything to while you these headphones on.

Noise Isolation

While you can go for noise isolation devices, they aren't as effective as noise canceling headphones. Why not go for headphones that come fixed with soft, durable foam to seal your canals completely?

Sleeping Headphones

You can enjoy the benefit of two features in one device. Noise-canceling earphone with thick and soft foam can help effectively block all sound by sealing external noises. It is like wearing earmuff in winter, but your ear won't feel hot or anything.


Noise elimination headphones have taken noise management to whole new level. They feature sophisticated electronics that control and expel outside noise. This type of sound control actively cancels waves registered at lower frequencies, allowing you to sleep comfortably at night. You won't hear the dog barking, the cars whizzing, etc.

Also known as active headphones, they devices have very tiny microphones built-in that actively seek ambient sounds and create new sounds waves that are out of synchronization at 180 degrees. This feature is what eliminates all noise – a method known as antiphase.

Bottom Line

All in all, noise cancellation headphone cannot only be used to listen to music undisturbed, but you can play soothing sounds and tracks and fall asleep without having to be bothered by anything.

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