COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

If you are a musician or a student who wants to buy a great pair of earbuds without spending a fortune, there are many great quality noise-canceling headphones from different brands to make a wise selection. These headphones are not just ingenious devices to prevent distraction from outside noise and also serve as a valuable traveling accessory.

The COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds continues to be one of the most popular noise-canceling earbuds you can purchase to make a valuable addition to your audio equipment. These earbuds deliver a high-definition sound with robust noise-canceling capabilities.

COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

They are available with a tough 1.57” driver to manage heavy beats. The model is designed to perfection and utilizes a durable synthetic leather to give a luxurious feel to the wireless Bluetooth earbuds. Since they easily and securely fit into anyone's ears, you do not feel any discomfort and can enjoy hours of music or podcasts.

The earbuds feature a nano-coating that makes them ideal for workouts. Since the earbuds are sweat-proof, you can easily carry them to your gym without fearing any damage.

The earbuds offer OTG magnetic charging so users can charge them by connecting it just about any USB enabled device. You can also connect it to your communication device for charging it automatically.

Unlike other conventional earbuds that do not offer any warranty, the COWIN HE8Ds offers an incredible warranty of 18 months, which is proof of the manufacturer's dedication to creating inventive and reliable products to their thousands of customers.

Features And Benefits

These are a great pair of earbuds that are well-liked by consumers since they are are not over-priced. If you are looking to replace your old earbuds or buying Wireless Bluetooth earbuds for the first time, go for COWIN HE8D. This great model offers an impressive music quality.

You experience all the highs and lows of your favorite music with these earbuds. Not just that, they are also extremely comfortable to wear. Their tough built means you get a durable product that does not get easily damaged.

COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Deep Bass

Users enjoy a rich bass response to give all the crucial details of a musical piece. They are also great accessories to listen to podcasts or newscasts since you get a remarkable vocal performance with these earbuds.

It is not uncommon for users to get disappointed even after purchasing expensive and large-sized earbuds. Not only they do not offer the features they claim, but they are also vulnerable to everyday wear and tear.

The COWIN HE8D emerges as a winning product. You will get a remarkable bass response while the high-quality construction of these earbuds will make sure you use these earbuds for a long time. There is no sound distortion even when you step up the volume.

The earbuds efficiently cancel out all unwanted outside noises and let you enjoy loud music or audio in busy environments including a gym or a busy street.

A few users note that the noise-canceling offered by the COWIN HE8D is not the same as its rival products from Bose. However, it impresses consumers with its incredible bass and affordable price tag.

You get an amazing noise-cancellation at 20Hz to 2000Hz, which is quite an impressive range for earbuds of this size and price. When users activate noise cancellation, all outside interruptions are taken care of in a brilliant manner, which is why these earbuds are great traveling accessories.

If you are looking for contemporary earbuds that also serve as a great noise-canceling headphone set; get the COWIN HE8D to enjoy an uninterrupted audio experience. The earbuds benefit from a wonderful design that guarantees ultimate comfort to users. They are extremely light and are a perfect fit for people of all ages.

COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Volume Controller

Thanks to high-quality noise reduction and call sound, users can easily take or make calls in the middle of their workout. The earbuds come in small, medium and large sizes of ear tips. Moreover, you get a nice and solid carrying case so you can take these earbuds where you go.

The earbuds have made the entire charging system very convenient. The magnetic charging port guarantees quick and instant charging. Moreover, the earbuds present impressive Bluetooth connectivity to let you connect to almost any Bluetooth-enabled device that you can imagine.

There are no ups and downs observed in their performance across multiple devices. With intuitive features and on the go charging, you get an amazing product that is worth your money. The earbuds feature Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

What Others Say

Customers who purchased the COWIN HE8D are in love with this stunning model. It is great to look at, comfortable to hold and secure to use. Customers consider it a great accessory for using it in the gym or during their workouts at home. Almost all customers who purchased these earbuds are happy with the features and durable built of this model.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a durable pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds, then the COWIN HE8D is a great choice. Since the earbuds feature a protective waterproof coating, they are the best accessories for traveling or your gym workouts.

COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


You get stable Bluetooth connectivity with incredible noise-canceling capabilities. This nice pair of earbuds enjoys some impressive reviews on by many users. You will save an incredible $70 and receive it for just about $80 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

There are hundreds of noise-canceling wireless Bluetooth earbuds out there. However, none of them offer the comfort that the COWIN HE8D promises to deliver.

This model is also a popular gift item to give away to your loved ones who are looking for a durable noise-canceling pair of earbuds that utilize Bluetooth connectivity. They are durable, deliver an incredible sound and offer convenient charging. Its soft synthetic leather built makes it a comfortable and durable product.

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