How To Choose The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

How To Choose The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Most folks spend their entire day tethered to their devices be it tablets, mobile phones or laptops. It’s also worth mentioning that a majority of these people spend a significant part of their day listening to music or podcasts.

Today, earbuds have become more than an accessory but an extension of ourselves. The right pair of noise-canceling earbuds will allow you to stay on top of your game at work while listening to your favorite tunes or while listening to music late at night.

Man With Earbuds Driving In Bus

Heck, you can also use these earbuds as sleeping or study aids to block out background noise in case you want to get some shut-eye or have a big test coming up. If you have been hanging on to that old pair of earbuds that came with your mobile device, it's time you consider an upgrade.

Fortunately, there are many different noise canceling earbuds you can choose from including in-ear, over-the-ear model or larger earbuds that offer better sound quality. However, with so many different models to choose from, purchasing the best

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Factors To Consider When Investing In Noise Cancelling Earbuds

When investing in noise canceling earbuds, you'll receive the option to choose from many different types and sizes. Before making your purchase, consider your lifestyle and how much you're willing to pay. Some people purchase earbuds to listen to music while working out while others use to listen to podcasts on the train.

Noise canceling earbuds are different from regular earbuds as they are specially designed to cancel out surrounding noise. Here are a couple of factors you should consider before making your purchase:


Technically, earbuds are ‘portable, ' but you can still choose from many sizes. Some lightweight models can conveniently be tucked away in your pocket or your handbag when not in use. This category typically includes earbuds which you can use with mobile phones.

This model includes on-cord controls that allow users to attend calls on the go. While smaller earbuds are more convenient to carry around, not all folks may be thrilled to compromise on sound quality over comfort.

Different Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Some models may include cords that allow users to connect the earbuds to an audio source situated at a distance. This feature also makes it possible for users to connect the earbuds to a TV set or any other source. Some models may include Bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi or other which make it easier for folks to connect the earbuds to tablets and smartphones.

Battery Power And Warranty

If you're planning on buying active noise canceling earbuds, keep in mind that the device includes an audio processor inside that will drain power, which means that unlike ordinary earbuds, these devices have electronics that will fail if you are unable to have the parts repaired or replaced in case of a problem.

So, when looking for earbuds, opt for a model with a good warranty and keep an eye out for reviews. It's also worth speaking to the brand about their customer service policies. Also, don't forget to read up on customer reviews.

These reviews can save you from a potentially bad shopping experience. After all, the last thing you'd want to find out is that your $300 cannot be repaired and is not under warranty.

Noise Isolation Feature

Do you find yourself constantly increasing the volume because you have noisy neighbors? Noise isolation is a cool feature that blocks background noise without using louder sound to block the extra noise.

This feature is beneficial if you're trying to study or are listening to audio in a noisy environment. You will also benefit from this feature if you have sensitive ears and have a tendency of becoming distracted.

Storage Case

A storage case or small pouch is an added accessory that will make it easier you to carry around a pair of earbuds without worrying about breakage. Most high-end brands include storage cases which might come in handy for you in the long run.

Putting Earbuds In Charging Case

Investing in a storage case might become a necessity if you're always traveling and don't want to damage the earbuds on the way.

Ease Of Use

Ensure the earbuds are easy to use and include buttons that will allow you to attend calls or change tracks according to your convenience. Reading through complicated instructions can be a pain and having to press the buttons of your mobile to change tracks can also be an inconvenience. Opt for a pair of noise-canceling earbuds that are easy to use.

Inspect The Audio Quality

Buying the most expensive pair of noise cancellation earbuds does not always result in exceptional sound quality. Sure, noise canceling technology does limit surrounding sound, but it does not play many roles in affecting the sound quality of earbuds. The audio quality depends on many factors including types of internal drivers, materials used and earbuds design.

If you don’t want to comprise on audio quality, ensure the pair of earbuds you are investing in are worth the purchase. You may also have to invest in better brands if you’re a hardcore music fan.

Have Realistic Expectations

Before making a purchase, it is imperative you have realistic expectations. Sure, these earbuds may be able to block out ambient noise, but you can't expect it to work if incredibly loud noise surrounds you. Even the top brands that offer brilliant results may allow background noise to seep in. Hence, to avoid disappointment, pay attention to the intensity of the sound.

While noise cancellation earbuds may dissolve chatter in a room, it is not effective for blocking out loud and sharp noises such as the sound of an airplane engine. On the bright side, these earbuds can help make background noises more manageable so that you can concentrate on your work or listen to music in noisy environments.


Are you on the hunt for travel-friendly earbuds or do you plan on using your earbuds as a sleeping aid? Either way, there’s no point in purchasing a bulky device that will take up too much space.

Woman Wearing Earbuds Headband

We advise you consider your lifestyle before investing in a particular product. Some earbuds feature comfortable headbands for added convenience. This feature is great if you are traveling or plan on using the earbuds for an extended period.


Most noise-canceling earbuds are designed to improve passive noise reduction. Some designs may feature insert-style or over-the-ear features. These enhanced styles play an imperative role in blocking out the noise. Some advanced models go a step further and feature tiny microphones to keep a check on noise frequencies.

For better results, we suggest you opt for a model that features many noise reducing features. Some models also give users the flexibility to switch off the noise reduction feature in case you want to save battery life. Additionally, for better versatility, opt for a pair of earbuds that reduce noise even if you’re not listening to music.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Want to invest in some of the best noise canceling earbuds in the market? Here are some of our top picks that you need to know about:

Winner: Bose Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The Bose QuietComfort 20 are exceptional quality noise canceling earbuds that will provide you a traditional earpiece. It features a sturdy, plastic build along with an oval shape. You can purchase the earbuds in two different colors including black and white. The unit features small holes that allow noise cancellation to work. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Suitable for iPhone, iPad and iPod use
  • Includes Stay Hear+ tips that fix the earbuds in place, offering the user comfort and stability
  • Includes an ‘aware mode’ so that you know if someone is passing by
  • Exclusive Active EQ and TriPort technology that delivers quality audio
  • Earbuds are specifically designed to work with selected Samsung or Apple and Android devices
  • The well-positioned button that allows folks to switch between music and calls. However, some phones may require users to hold on to the end/answer button for a couple of seconds

The noise canceling earbuds features a unique ear-tip which is constructed using flexible and soft silicone, which fastens and connects to the earpiece and secures a notch for a double secure fit. The design also features an ear fin at the end of the tip for additional support while the flange goes all the way into the ear.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones


Users are likely to be pleased with the earbuds are comfortable and well-designed earbuds. You can rest assured that the earpiece will provide a secure fit. Thanks to the well-positioned buttons, you can listen to your favorite tracks. For added portability, the earbuds come with a compact pouch which makes it easy for you to carry at all times.

To ensure the earbuds don’t fall off your ears, the Bose QuietComfort 20 offers many stability tips. This feature ensures the earbuds stay in place no matter what. This feature is great for folks who listen to music while working out or running. The only downside is that these earbuds are not wireless so the long cable may pull the earpiece out of place.

Runner-Up: COWIN HE8-D Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds

The COWIN HE8-D Wireless Bluetooth Ear Buds are one of the best noise canceling earbuds you can buy. The product offers high sound performance at an incredibly reasonable rate. These earbuds include a powerful 1.57" driver that is great if you listen to hardcore music with heavy beats. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Superior quality noise cancellation whether you’re turning up the music up or down
  • High fidelity and true HD quality. These earbuds feature a 1.57” driver that is capable enough to handle heavy beats
  • Soft synthetic leather covering that offers a luxurious feel and look
  • Liquid nano coating that is capable enough of withstanding sweaty workouts and is water-resistant enough to survive water accidents

The earbuds also have a full range 40 kHz frequency. The earbuds are constructed using soft synthetic leather that ensures a soft, luxury feel. It is also protected using nano-coating that prevents the earbuds from getting damp in case you are working out at the gym or are out for a run.

For added convenience, the HE8D offers OTG magnetic charging, which gives users the added convenience of charging their earbuds by connecting it to practically any USB enabled device thanks to USB plug.

COWIN HE8D Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds



You can also connect the earbuds to your phone, and it will start charging automatically. Best of all, these earbuds come with an 18-month manufacturer warranty so you can rest assured that you are making a secure purchase.

The COWIN HE8D offers excellent sound quality. The earbuds have a warm bass response that gives off a crisp sound along with a detailed midrange. Thanks to these earbuds, users can experience high-quality sound performance. You can now enjoy subtle notes like never before.

We recommend you use the earbuds to enjoy pop and rock music as the bass response is excellent. What's best is that the sound does not distort so you can listen to music with the volume as high as you want.

Alternative: TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Whether you're tired of people constantly chatting in your workspace or your roommates watching TV while you're trying to watch a movie or listen to your favorite, a pair of noise-canceling earbuds can be the solution to all your problems. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Reduces distractions and environmental noise by about 25dB The earbuds offer superior functionality and can last up to 15 hours per charge
  • Increases awareness thanks to the monitoring mode, which ensures that you don't miss announcements when you're on the subway or at the airport
  • Built-in MEMS function that results in undisturbed voice transmission and crispy phone calls
  • Durable aluminum builds with a sleek and stylish finish. It also has a metal alloy black matte finish for added elegance

The TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds features active noise functionality allows wearers to cut off all surrounding noises. These good quality earbuds are capable of reducing surrounding noise by around 25dB.

You can listen to the earbuds and enjoy up to 15 hours of music per charge. With all these features, prospective customers will be impressed by the product's low price tag. The enhanced features of the product ensure comfort and added durability.

TaoTronics Active Noise Canceling Headphones



What’s best is that you can instantly regain awareness about your surroundings with the push of a button. By activating the monitoring mode, you can conveniently lower the sound. This feature ensures that you don't miss airline or subway announcements when you are on the move.

The earbuds also feature a built-in MEMs (Micro Electrical Mechanical System). The inbuilt microphone results in better phone call quality, ensuring smooth voice transmission. The noise canceling earbuds are comfortable to wear thanks to the light silicone ear-tips. You can wear the earbuds for hours without feeling irritation.

2nd Alternative: Meidong HE8 Earbuds

Too much noise can quickly become a problem if you’re trying to enjoy a movie and you can hear your roommates over your earbuds. Fortunately, noise canceling earbuds are an excellent new invention that features active noise reduction technology to eliminate background noise. If you’re in search of a quality pair of earbuds, we suggest you invest in the Meidong HE8 earbuds.

This particular model includes a special chipset AMS3421 that can reduce noise by 32db. These enable folks to enjoy their little world, away from the annoyance of noisy subways, planes and chatty neighbors. Some notable features of the product include:

  • OTG magnetic charging that allows users to charge the earbuds using practically any kind of USB port
  • The overall construction of the noise canceling earbuds is as light as a feather. Now you can enjoy crisp sound without feeling the heavy weight of earbuds
  • The earbuds include ergonomic ear wings along with silicone earbuds. You can purchase the earbuds in many different sizes including small, medium and large.
  • Active noise reduction technology that successfully eliminates background noise

For added convenience, the noise canceling earbuds features OTG Magnetic Charging, which ensures that you can use practically any electronic device with a USB interface to charge the earbuds including your power bank, laptop, desktop computer and much more.

Meidong Active Noise Canceling Earbuds

Source: meidongaudio


You can also use your mobile phone. Rest assured, the earbuds will only consume 3% of your mobile phone's power so you can conveniently carry out other tasks without any problems or without replacing the battery.

Additionally, if portability is the main concern, you'll be pleased to know that these wireless earbuds offer Bluetooth functionality. So, not only are these earbuds lightweight, but they also offer beautiful sound quality and feature unique technology.

3rd Alterntive: Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

The Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds are high-quality in-ear earbuds that feature a fairly straight-forward design. Prospect customers would like to know that these are the cheapest earbuds on the list. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Crafted using genuine wood that produces a crisp, powerful acoustic sound that you will love. You can benefit from crystal quality sound
  • Unique ear canal design that reduces ambient noise in your surroundings
  • Users will be ecstatic to know how easy to use these earbuds are. You can skip tracks, end calls, and activate voice control. The earbuds feature a portable, trendy design that is available in 6 colors
  • Thanks to the high-end sound quality, you can symphonize the earbuds, ensuring it is compatible with iPads, iPhones, and iPods. These devices also work perfectly well with android phones
  • For more information about these products, don’t forget to check out their customer reviews on Amazon.

The in-ear design may not be for everybody if you’re not used to the feel of in-ward earbuds. On the bright side, these earbuds are fairly stable and don’t require additional stability tips. Because of its compact design, you can easily carry the earbuds in your purse or inside your pocket.

The wooden appearance of the earbuds gives it a more trendy appearance. It also features rubberized cables that have two-tone color schemes that help the earbuds. The two-colored scheme helps the earbuds stand out.

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds



The buttons on the earbuds offer a good tactile feel and are quite easy to use. It offers many noise canceling features such as track skipping, call feature, volume control and much more. The buttons are quite well-spaced so that you don't accidentally press the wrong one. Folks will be surprised to know how durable the earbuds feel thanks to the rubberized thick casing.

The earbuds feature an in-line control module that has a dense feel to it. The noise canceling earbuds won’t break even after extended use or multiple drops. The only downside is that since the earbuds don’t have a uni-body design, some of its parts may become worn out after use.


With the right noise-canceling earbuds, you can listen to your favorite music while working out or traveling in the bus. We hope this detailed guide has provided you enough information about making the right purchase. Good luck.

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